BC Organics

BC Organics is the newest project to be built, owned, and operated by Dynamic. The State of Wisconsin awarded a grant to Dynamic to develop an Anaerobic Digester Facility in Greenleaf, Wisconsin. This will be the first of its kind commercial biorefinery facility that provides farms with a more sustainable manure management practice. Overall, this project will provide long-term sustainability to these farms. Many of the participating farms are multi-generational and transitioning to their next generation with active members in the community.  This project is viewed as an opportunity to provide greater stability for the future. Farmers are the original stewards of the land and recognize the numerous environmental benefits BC Organics will provide. This project will reduce the negative impact of farming on the environment, and community. This solution will assist them in protecting natural resources.

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Digesters make up the BC Organics Facility

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900,000 + 
Gallons of manure processed per day


Compressed natural gas (CNG) is produced, equivalent to gallons of diesel fuel per day.

400,000 +

Gallons of clean water produced per day

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Statistics Once Fully Operational

135 +

Tons of fiber bedding produced per day

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Multi-generational local farms participating

MMBtu's of renewable natural gas produced per day

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September 2021

"We brought in the right people & ultimately I think it's going to be a good thing for our community and for the farming community in general.”


-Jessie Juedes

Wrightstown Town Supervisor

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November, 2016-May, 2017

July-September, 2017

September, 2017-May, 2021

May, 2021

June, 2022

Dynamic Renewables offered a 'Solution Presentation' to the board based on the ongoing original feasibility study at the time and provided an evaluation that recognized opportunities in Brown County for both biogas generation, utilization as well nutrient concentration, and water treatment.

Request for Proposal was submitted, and the state of WI awarded a $15M grant to Dynamic Renewables for the BC Organics project to develop a community digester facility that would reduce phosphorus runoff in the Fox River. 

BC Organics went from a concept to a project.  This included but is not limitted to working through the permitting process, coming up with a project design, sourcing equipment suppliers, and finalizing the financing for the project. 

Wrightstown's town board approved the conditional use permit to start construction on the BC Organics Facility.

The community can see this project starting up in phases.